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About the event

FAQ about the event

How do I travel to the start?
The event starts in Roden, The Netherlands. More details will follow.
What are the routes?
Our route designer is working day and night to draw up an awesome route fot the 2023 edtion. When he's ready, we'll let you know.
Can I download the GPX files of the routes?
Yes, when the routes are ready, we''l make them availlable at our website at least one week prior to the event.
Is technical assistance available?
Do you have problems with your bike or need support on the road? There are several mobile service points at the start and along the way at the aid stations. Please note, make sure your bike is in good condition when you arrive at the start.
What is a cyclosportive versus competition tour?
At the event, all participants have incorporated time registration in the control board. In the cyclosportive tour, participants are not honored, but everyone who finishes will receive a medal. In this event there is no distinction between competition and cyclosportive. We start in waves based on ages. Numbers 1 to 3 per category can qualify for the World Cup in October 2022.

At the event, all participants have a timing chip integrated into their race number. Participants in the cyclosportive ride will not be awarded, but everyone who finishes will receive a medal. At this event, there is no distinction between race and cyclosportive. Participants will start in waves based on age groups. The top 25% in each category can qualify for the World Championships in September 2023.
Where can I find the program?
Here you can find more information.
Are (individual) photos taken?
During the event, photos will be taken by various photographers. A photo album will be posted on the Facebook page as soon as possible after the event.
Do you have food stations?
Along the way you will encounter several food-points. Here you get, among other things, water, sports drinks, bars, gels, biscuits and fruit.
Is there a time limit?
The time limit for cycling this tour is 9 hours.
Which type of bicycle is suitable?
Every bike is a gravel bike if you're brave enough. You can participate in this tour on any type of bicycle (with the exception of electric). A gravel bike with 35 mm tires is recommended. 
Do I need a competition license to participate?
You don't need a competition license to participate. And you don't need a competition license to qualify for the Gravel World Championships.
Is there a campsite availlable for my camper / mobilhome / tent?
Next to our starting and finishing area, there is a simple campsite called Ot en Sien. This campsite is not associated with our event, so you will need to coordinate with them directly and camping costs are not included in your registration fee.

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My registration

FAQ about the registration

Do I get a medal?
All finishers will receive a unique medal after the finish.
When will I receive my race number etcera?
You can pick it up before the start of the event. Details will follow.
Can I transfer my starting permit?
We offer all individually registered participants the opportunity to transfer their starting ticket to someone else. Payment must be arranged mutually. Go to your dashboard at
Is it possible to pick up a colleague's starting material?
It is allowed to pick up the starting material of a colleague, if you have the confirmation email of this person.
Can I cancel my participation?
No, canceling or moving to next year is not possible. However, you can assign your starting ticket to someone else via your dashboard 
What is the minimum age to participate?
The minimum age for participation is 18 years. If you were born in 2004 or earlier, you can participate.
Is it possible to start together?
Cycling with your friends is of course the most fun! Race numbers are automatically assigned by the system. Starting in a later wave is possible (higher wave number). Starting in an earlier wave is not possible (lower wave number). If you want to cycle together, the highest start wave will be leading.

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